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VA News

02/26/2024 02:30 PM EST

Dr. Nichol Salvo developed HELPP program, expanding telehealth and employing technicians to reduce amputations.

02/26/2024 12:00 PM EST

Each week, we receive job announcements from employers and employment websites looking to hire Veterans. This post contains links to job listings for the week of Feb. 26, 2024.

02/26/2024 10:30 AM EST

This week’s podcast tackles how homeless Veterans are at higher risk of being targeted by human traffickers and what VA is doing about it.

02/26/2024 09:30 AM EST

Immersive opportunities are available for the Peace Corps Volunteer program, which offers U.S. citizens 18 and older the chance to fully integrate into a host country community for two years, plus three months of training. The Peace Corps provides housing, a living stipend and a monthly readjustment allowance.

02/25/2024 04:30 PM EST

VA’s Compensated Work Therapy program was instrumental in helping a Veteran refine his skills and adapt military experience for federal employment