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02/11/2023 04:01 PM EST

Health Care System of the Ozarks (VHSO) now provides women Veterans who breast-feed and/or pump with a Mamava Pod, a private, free-standing room offering smart-features. The Mamava Pod provides women a clean and spacious place with lots of benefits, like handicap accessibility, sound proofing, dimmable lighting and auditory options. [From VA News]

02/10/2023 10:00 AM EST

“My goal is to help Veterans improve their health with realistic and achievable diet and exercise-related behavior change,” said MOVE! Coordinator and Dietitian Deborah Zippel. “We know that carrying excess body fat contributes to health risk. I strive to help Veterans make behavior changes and achieve a realistic weight/body composition that helps them live their best life.” [From VA News]

02/10/2023 09:01 AM EST

Since the very beginning of the pandemic, VA has been on the front lines, caring for Veterans and non-Veterans. In addition to treating Veterans in the hospital and as outpatients, VA staff also included encouraged and administered COVID-19 vaccines to Veterans, caregivers and immediate family members. [From VA News]

02/07/2023 09:01 AM EST

Have you seen television commercials, social media posts, or other advertisements from companies telling you to “act now” to claim your Camp Lejeune or PACT Act benefits? Are you wondering if you’re eligible for the new presumptive benefits and need their legal representation? Here’s the information you need to know to protect yourself from predatory third-party companies. [From VA News]

02/07/2023 08:59 AM EST

The new director of the Defense Health Agency is a “wonder woman” and “the baddest woman in the Army,” said her former boss, the Army surgeon general. [From VA News]

02/07/2023 08:59 AM EST

The ‘I Am Not Invisible’ campaign has recognized about 250 women veterans in Wisconsin. Women Veterans often feel Invisible. [From Sheboygan Press]