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02/07/2023 05:00 AM EST

Get the Recruitment & Retention, Employment & Integration, Well Being & Treatment, Servicwomen in the News, Women Veterans, and Upcoming Events DACOWITS news from January 2023. [From DACOWITS]

02/06/2023 06:01 PM EST

VA’s Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) is hosting on-site and virtual hiring fairs in February and March that are designed to connect job seekers with positions related to the PACT Act, the new law that may make Veterans exposed to toxins while serving eligible for benefits and care. The fairs are part of VA’s PACT Act initiative to hire processors to handle the many claims that have been submitted since the PACT Act became law in August 2022. [From VA News]

02/06/2023 04:01 PM EST

Don’t judge your body by what you see on social media or in magazines. Your body makes you special and unique. The next time you are in a group of people, look around. Notice how different everyone looks. Each of us has a different shape, color, and way of moving. There is a beautiful variety of shapes, sizes, ages, genders, and abilities in our world… including yours! [From VA News]

02/06/2023 11:31 AM EST

Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Navy Veteran Georgia Clark Sadler, the first female instructor at the U.S. Naval Academy. Georgia Clark Sadler dedicated 29 years of her life of service to the Navy and paved the way for the service of women in the military. She was born in 1941 and grew up in Los Angeles, California, until her father moved their family to Saudi Arabia pursuing a position in the Arabian American Oil Company. [From VA News]

We honor her service.

02/05/2023 11:31 AM EST

Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Army Veteran Elisabeth Joy Collura, who served as an aviator with the 101st Airborne Division in Afghanistan and Iraq. Elisabeth Joy (Collura) dedicated 11 years to military service and continues to serve Veterans through unique integrative therapy approaches. [From VA News]

We honor her service.

02/05/2023 09:00 AM EST

This month’s author is Army Veteran Karla McCullum, who served from 2000 to 2002. McCullum wrote, “Lessons Learned From Dating; Moving Past the Hurt into Your Blessings.” [From VA News]

02/02/2023 09:01 AM EST

The VA Women’s Health Reengagement Training (heaRT) Team is on a mission to share information on women’s health services available at VA. VA Women’s heaRT discusses how to apply for and use VA health care to educate women Veterans on the VA health care they earned and deserve. [From VA News]

02/01/2023 10:01 AM EST

Fifteen minutes of exercise a day can help prevent heart disease. This can be as simple as taking a walk, riding a bike, swimming, or even some strength training or stretching while you are watching TV. Not only does exercise help you maintain a healthy weight and lower your blood pressure, but it also helps you reduce stress and improve your mental health. [From VA News]

01/31/2023 08:56 AM EST

The Philadelphia Eagles will not be the only birds flying on Sunday, Feb. 12, when they face off against the Kansas City Chiefs for Super Bowl LVII at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. [From Military Times]

01/30/2023 04:01 PM EST

It feels good on those days when your body and mind are in sync! Some people say, “I’m just going with the flow,” or “I’m in the zone today.” There is a way to make this flow of life happen more often and Tai Chi can help you achieve this. [From VA News]