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VA News

06/11/2024 02:30 PM EDT

Facing rejection for being transgender, Anya McDonald was homeless for years before finding sdiv housing with help from VA

06/11/2024 10:30 AM EDT

VISN 12 Clinical Resource Hub clinicians lead the way with TelePain, a unique approach to managing chronic pain and at-home care

06/11/2024 09:15 AM EDT

VA has announced an update to the home loan guaranty, helping to ensure that Veterans remain competitive buyers.

06/11/2024 08:30 AM EDT

The first National Institutes of Health-funded clinical trial of its kind, published in JAMA Network Open, links the pairing of Service Dogs with military Veterans to lowered PTSD severity, diagnosis odds, and other negative mental health symptoms.

06/10/2024 04:30 PM EDT

Is your mind racing? Try a 7-minute mindfulness of breathing practice to anchor your mind and find calm in this week’s #LiveWholeHealth video.