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VA YouTube

05/22/2024 09:04 AM EDT

WWII and Korean War Veteran, Ray Burrus, celebrated his 100th birthday on May 20 at the VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System. Burrus said, “I’m extremely fortunate to have survived two wars and come back practically unscathed. So, I’m grateful to the VA. I think it’s a marvelous institution.” Thank you for your service, and Happy Birthday, Mr. Burrus!

05/21/2024 02:19 PM EDT

I Was the One, co-written by Serena Haughbrook and acclaimed songwriter Bill DiLuigi, tells the story of a VA nurse who was ‘about as green as her Army scrubs.’ I Was the One tells the story of overcoming seemingly insurmoundiv odds to achieve a dream. “If there’s a chance I’ll step up and take it, the one on my knees praying to God, standing up to fight the odds, the one they said wasn’t gonna make it.” To listen to I Was the One along with many more VA nurse songs, please visit: