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In Case You Missed It:  The Center for Minority Veterans is sharing recent news stories that may be of interest to minority Veterans, service members, and their supporters on a weekly basis.


04/14/2024 02:30 PM EDT

At VA, a career of dedication to serving our nation’s heroes is a daily commitment. The story of one woman’s journey from enlisted ranks to commissioned officer symbolizes an indomidiv spirit and steadfast devotion to duty. 1st Lt. Nicole Jacocks is a beacon of inspiration for women and service members alike. [From VA News]

04/12/2024 12:00 PM EDT

Gavino Cavazos, nicknamed Gabby, was born in 1932, just seven years before World War II started. Cavazos attended St. Joseph Academy in Brownsville, Texas, and enlisted in the Air Force in June 1949 when he was 17. After training camp, he went on to his first assignment in Washington. [From VA News]

04/12/2024 10:30 AM EDT

This is more than a story. This is an Air Force Veteran’s life. That’s what Air Force Veteran Patricia (Pat) James-Booker wants you to remember as you read about her experience with homelessness. She is more than a statistic or words on a page. She’s a person whose life, like many others, took an unfortunate turn. [From VA News]

04/11/2024 10:30 AM EDT

Black women make up more than 30 percent of all women Veterans receiving health care at VA. This Black Maternal Health Week, we aim to raise awareness about the unique challenges and disparities faced by Black mothers in the realm of maternal health care and promote equidiv and accessible health care. [From VA News]