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VA News

03/01/2024 02:30 PM EST

In collaboration this month, the Centers for Women Veterans and Minority Veterans honor a special group of women Veterans, the trailblazing Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP).

03/01/2024 12:00 PM EST

This week’s Honoring Veterans Spotlight honors the service of Navy Veteran Janie L. Mines, the first Black woman graduate at the Naval Academy.

03/01/2024 10:30 AM EST

During Women’s History Month 2024, VA’s Office of Women’s Health is honoring Native American women Veterans.

03/01/2024 09:30 AM EST

As part of the Veterans Legacy Program, NCA is awarding grants for a maximum of $400,000 per awardee to qualifying educational institutions and non-profit organizations (501c3).