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08/14/2023 04:30 PM EDT

Imagine it’s the middle of the day and you’re traveling outside, whether driving, walking, riding a bike, or taking the bus. If you don’t wear sunglasses, you’re likely squinting for most of the trip. In fact, try squinting right now. Scrunch up your face like you’re protecting your eyes from the midday sun. How long before your face becomes tired from this effort? How long until you start to feel a headache coming on? Five minutes? Ten? [From VA News]

08/10/2023 10:44 AM EDT

Congratulations U.S. Army Veteran Nancy Espinosa who was unanimously elected national commander of the more than 1 million-member DAV (Disabled American Veterans). [From DAV]

08/10/2023 10:44 AM EDT

The U.S. Navy’s first 4-star woman admiral, Michelle Howard, reflects on military integration and the time it took to become a reality. Adm Michelle Howard discusses her journey to becoming the first 4-Star Woman Admiral. [From The 19th*]

08/10/2023 10:30 AM EDT

Since World War I, camouflage uniforms have been used by the military to disguise and hide troops. And while every Veteran understands the honor of wearing the uniform of the United States of America, LGBTQ+ Veterans understand how it feels to be “hidden” by their uniform in more ways than one. On episode 14 of the “Ending Veteran Homelessness” podcast, we’re joined by Dr. Jillian Shipherd, deputy director of VHA’s National LGBTQ+ Health Program, and Lindsay Church, executive director and founder of Minority Veterans of America. [From VA News]