Million Veteran Program Celebrates Women’s History Month

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As Women Veterans, each of us are unique.

We come from different families, different communities, different backgrounds from around the world. But one thing we share–we are women who served our country. The sacrifices we made, as servicemembers and as women, are immeasurable. Yet we live in a society that doesn’t often recognize us as Veterans.

  • Know that you’re not alone.
  • We see you.
  • We’re here for you.
  • And it’s our mission to make sure others are, too.

Women’s History Month gives us the opportunity to remind the world that We Served Too. We invite you to spend the next 11 minutes watching and sharing this new heartfelt documentary that does just this. You may recognize some of your experiences in this story.

Woman Veteran shaking hands with a male Veteran.


The Center for Women Veterans is proud to release this film in partnership with the Million Veteran Program (MVP), which studies how genes, lifestyle, military experiences, and exposures affect our health and wellness as Veterans.

You can join MVP online at or sign up at a participating VA. Call 866-441-6075 to make an appointment. All Veterans can participate, you don’t need to receive care at VA.