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05/03/2022 05:00 AM EDT

Get the Recruitment & Retention, Employment & Integration, Well Being & Treatment, Servicwomen in the News, Women Veterans, and Upcoming Events DACOWITS news from April 2022. [From DACOWITS]

05/02/2022 04:00 PM EDT

There are many ways that you can incorporate mindful movement into your daily routine, and the yoga ball is one fun way to do it. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, there are many benefits of yoga. [From VAntage Point]

05/01/2022 09:01 AM EDT

This month’s Women Veteran Authors Book Corner author is U.S. Army Veteran Mari K. Eder, who served for 36 years from 1977-2013. Before retiring, Mari K. Eder published a strategic communications primer, “Leading the Narrative.” Her latest book is called, “American Cyberscape, detailing the unraveling of trust and truth in American institutions.” [From VAntage Point]

04/30/2022 02:00 PM EDT

The Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center has been named a top performer for LGBTQ+ health care in the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 15th anniversary edition of the Healthcare Equality Index (HEI). It received an evaluation of 95 out of 100 and the designation of “LGBTQ+ Healthcare Equality Top Performer.” [From VAntage Point]

04/28/2022 10:00 AM EDT

Every 68 seconds, a sexual assault occurs in the United States. More than one in three women and nearly one in four men have experienced sexual violence involving physical contact during their lifetimes. [From VAntage Point]

04/27/2022 09:44 AM EDT

Did You Know? Biological children of women Veterans who served in Vietnam at any time during the period beginning on Feb. 28, 1961, and ending on May 7, 1975, may be eligible for certain benefits because of birth defects associated with the mother’s service in Vietnam that resulted in a permanent physical or mental disability. [From VA Health Care]

04/27/2022 09:44 AM EDT

VA & Community Resources. 24 Hour Senior Help Line. This helpline provides non-emergency services and information for employment, finances and benefits, housing and homelessness, physical health, and family and social support. Contact Information: 1-602-264-4357

04/27/2022 09:44 AM EDT

You may be able to keep your life insurance coverage after you leave the military for as long as you pay the premiums. Find out if you qualify.