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08/16/2021 04:01 PM EDT

While we may not think about it, the lower back plays a role in just about every movement we make throughout the day. Activities such as getting in and out of a car, carrying laundry, picking up a child or pet, and even brushing our teeth use the muscles in our lower back. [From VAntage Point]

08/16/2021 10:01 AM EDT

Navy Veteran Brea Northup, a valued member of the VA workforce in Spokane, recently finished her third Ironman Triathlon. She knew it wouldn’t be easy, but this time, what she didn’t count on was having her body shut down on her during the race. [From VAntage Point]

08/15/2021 04:00 PM EDT

The path to competing in the Golden Age Games is different for each competitor. Veteran and retired VA employee Mary Bader has found something that makes staying in shape fun. A Veteran of both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, Bader recently competed in her fourth National Veterans Golden Age Games event, earning a silver medal in bowling, and placing fourth overall in the One-Mile Power Walk. [From VAntage Point]

08/15/2021 09:01 AM EDT

Lou Lewis of Nashville is retired from the Army and has a very popular dog. Petey, a 9-year-old, 80-pound greyhound, works with Lewis to provide animal visitation with Veterans as part of the Pet Partners organization. “I had a visit yesterday, and one of the Veterans said, ‘I could just talk to Petey all day long,’” Lewis said. [From VAntage Point]

08/13/2021 10:00 AM EDT

Women leaders across VA enrolled in a national research program looking at health and illness in Veterans. They invite you to join them. [From VAntage Point]

08/12/2021 04:00 PM EDT

Army Veteran Kristie Townsend is competing for the first time at the The National Veterans Wheelchair Games, which kicked off Aug. 7 in New York. Veterans are also competing virtually from their homes through Aug. 18. [From VAntage Point]

08/10/2021 02:00 PM EDT

Patriot Boot Camp, a 501(c)3, is providing a 2-day virtual fall program presented by Berkeley College on October 14 – 15, 2021. Applications are now open for the October 2021 2-day virtual program that mentors future entrepreneurial leaders. Patriot Boot Camp is partnering with Berkeley College to help the military community grow more tech startups. [From VAntage Point]