Mental Health Updates: December 2022

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December 2022

Tips for Managing Stress Around the Holidays

There are many joyous things about the holiday season, but this time of year can also bring on stress, depression, and other challenges for Veterans or their family members. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for as the holiday season approaches — as well as healthy ways to manage these challenges.

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VA Offers Treatment for Stimulant Use Disorder

Stimulant use disorder (SUD) is the continued use of stimulants despite harm to the user. While there are no medications approved specifically for SUD, VA offers proven, evidence-based treatments for Veterans diagnosed with the disorder.

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VA Offers Treatment for Stimulant Use Disorder

Learn More About Evidence-Based Therapies at VA

Evidence-based therapies have proved to be effective for treating a variety of mental health conditions. These therapies are always evolving to meet Veterans where they are in their recovery journey and to provide the best possible opportunity for improved mental health and well-being. VA has multiple evidence-based therapy options available.

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Learn More About Evidence-Based Therapies at VA

VA Supports Older Veterans

Older Veterans bring many strengths and life lessons to the challenges of later life. Still, some older Veterans face long-standing or emerging mental health conditions. VA has many programs to help older Veterans and their families and caregivers cope with the complex medical, cognitive and mental health conditions that Veterans may face as they age.

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VA Supports Older Veterans

Find Resources for PTSD

Sometimes, when you experience a traumatic event, that moment can continue to bother you for weeks, months and even years. The symptoms and effects of posttraumatic stress disorder can disrupt your everyday life, but there are resources to help you recover. Even if your symptoms come and go — or surfaced months or years after the traumatic event — effective treatments are available at VA.

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Support a Veteran in Their Mental Health Journey

As a family member or friend of a Veteran with mental health challenges, you can play an important role in supporting their recovery. People who are close to Veterans are often the first to notice that the Veterans are facing mental health challenges. As you support the Veteran in your life, VA is here to support you.

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