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Fall 2022                                                                                              Don’t Wait. Reach Out!


New CIC Suicide Prevention Initiative


Coaching Into Care has been identified by Congress to help Veterans and their families with suicide prevention. Family members can play a key role as they are often the first to hear a Veteran reveal their thoughts about suicide. Strong family relationships can buffer the risk of suicide and support the Veteran’s decision to seek care. CIC is looking at current practices and developing new procedures to support families who have concerns for the suicide risk of the Veteran in their family. These include ways for family members to talk about the safe storage of weapons in the home and finding mental health treatment to decrease suicidal thoughts. Over the next year, CIC will be testing these new procedures and getting feedback from callers about their impact. Stay tuned!!

September is Suicide Prevention Month

Reach out

September is Suicide Prevention Month, and we want Veterans to know that they don’t have to solve life’s challenges alone.

Suicide is a complex problem, and stressful life events like divorce or job loss can be risk factors. VA.gov/REACH offers resources to help support Veterans across a wide range of challenges, before these problems become overwhelming.

Suicide is prevendiv, and we all have a role to play. Help us spread the word with the “Don’t Wait. Reach Out.” campaign toolkit here.

Veterans Crisis Line has a New Number – Dial 988 then Press 1


CIC at APA 2022


Empowering and Educating Veterans’ Family Members and Caregivers Toward Supporting and Improving Veterans’ Mental Health Care

Family members and caregivers of Veterans are often the first to see the impact of mental health issues on their daily functioning. As such, they are in a unique position to support Veterans in accessing and utilizing mental health services. The Department of Veteran Affairs has committed to offering support to Veteran’s loved ones and encourages clinicians and researchers to focus attention to better understand how best to provide this support. This symposium on August 4th described recent initiatives and findings to advance these priorities.

This panel included the following contributors: Drs. Shirley Glynn, Stephen Russell, Megan Shepherd-Banigan, Cindy Swinkels, and Ms. Mia Carlyle.  



CIC would like to thank and recognize colleagues who collaborated with us to promote or arrange care for our families and their Veterans:

  • Thank you to all the Suicide Prevention Coordinators at the VA that are dedicated to preventing suicide.

  • NY State Governor’s Challenge for suicide prevention work with families and how to talk about Lethal Means Safety with a loved one.

  • Jenna Dittman, Member Service Specialist, Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce

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