Read “The Rural Connection” Summer 2022 Issue

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Read “The Rural Connection” Summer 2022 Issue

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Rural Veteran Health Care Innovations

As the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) lead advocate for rural Veterans, the Office of Rural Health (ORH) works to see that America’s Veterans thrive in rural communities. To support the health and well-being of rural Veterans, ORH establishes and disseminates Enterprise-Wide Initiatives that increase access to care for the nearly three million rural Veterans enrolled in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ health care system. Key focus areas include programs that address workforce shortages, transportation, primary care, mental health, telehealth and specialty care.

This issue of “The Rural Connection” is focused on ORH programs and resources aimed at providing rural Veterans with care and knowledge about health conditions affecting Veterans.

In this issue:

In case you missed it, last quarter’s issue provided information about innovative ORH programs that help rural Veterans access quality care.

Thomas Klobucar, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Office of Rural Health

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Congress established the Veterans Health Administration Office of Rural Health (ORH) in 2006 (38 USC § 7308) to conduct, coordinate, promote and disseminate research on issues that affect the nearly five million Veterans who reside in rural communities. The mandate also requires ORH to develop, refine and promulgate policies, best practices, lessons learned, and innovative and successful programs. Learn more at