Veteran helps other Vets find their pathway to healing

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My VA doctor reframed my thinking

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US Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans Health Care 

May 19, 2022

VA health care news you can use

There’s a lot going on in VA health care. Here are some of our latest stories about Veterans and for Veterans. Find out how to apply for VA health care benefits.

image of Veteran Kevin Rumley

VA saved his life, now he’s helping others

A series of unfortunate events led Veteran Kevin Rumley to his local VA for an intensive 5-day treatment program. According to Kevin, it “ended up saving my life.” Now he is helping other Veterans through their recovery path.

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Woman Veteran holding her abdomen, another speaking with her health care provider and another receiving physical therapy

Pelvic pain relief available in VA

Chronic pelvic pain is a common condition in women Veterans. VA health care providers can identify causes and provide treatment options.

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image showing clouds in its natural state

Release stress and relax with this exercise

Mindful movement and body awareness can help us learn how to relax and release. This 9-minute meditative practice can help. 

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Wide selection of healthy foods

Have you heard of the Mediterranean diet?

Besides being delicious, it may improve blood pressure levels, lower cholesterol numbers, promote weight loss and more.

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