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MST Awareness

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Spring 2022 🌻


New Study To Compare Coaching Methods


Coaching Into Care and the National Center for PTSD are inviting spouses or intimate partners of Veterans with untreated PTSD to participate in this study. Click to visit the webpage to learn more. Up to $170 compensation for participation may be provided for completing research questionnaires.


Military Sexual Trauma


April is Sexual Assault and Awareness Month. VA uses the term military sexual trauma, or MST, to refer to sexual assault or harassment experienced during military service. When asked by their VA health care provider whether they experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault during military service, about 1 in 3 women and 1 in 50 men respond yes. Significant numbers of Veterans of all genders have experienced MST. Healing after MST can take time.

If you need guidance on how to support the Veteran you love toward the decision to seek care, contact us: 888-823-7458 or coachingintocare@va.gov.

CIC Video Project


We’re excited to share with you our new video. Get a glimpse into what we do and how we do it. Thank you to staff who appeared in the video. Please share to your networks! 

You can find the video on the YouTube Channel: (1580) Introduction to Coaching Into Care – YouTube



CIC would like to thank and recognize colleagues who collaborated with us to promote or arrange care for our families and their Veterans:

  • Kevin Beasley, LCSW, San Antonio VA Medical Center
  • Erikka Trotter, LCSW, Lebanon VA Medical Center

  • Tina Newsome, Office Manager, Macon Vet Center

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