Entering a New Year

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Caregiver Support Program

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New Year Cheer!

Welcome to 2022, and Happy New Year, caregivers! A new year presents the opportunity for a new beginning. And if you’re thinking of making some new resolutions, why not include the Caregiver Support Program (CSP) in your journey? Whether you’re looking to practice better self-care, connect with others, or become a healthier you, CSP has resources that can help you get started. Here are a few CSP pledges for caregivers that can make for a great 2022:

1.    I will connect with other caregivers: Being a caregiver isn’t easy, but there is strength in numbers. Consider sharing your journey with other caregivers who understand your experience. CSP offers several ways for caregivers to connect including:

  • ·         The VA Peer Support Mentoring (PSM) Program, which aims to  strengthen relationships between caregivers, provide opportunities for networking, and empower caregivers to help one another. To learn more about how to enroll in PSM, contact your local CSP team for more information.
  • ·         Building Better Caregivers (BBC), offers a free online workshop with six weekly self-paced lessons, facilitator guidance, group support and access to an alumni community for program graduates. Connect with other caregivers today!  Read the BBC Fact Sheet or sign up for BBC here.

2.    I will check out CSP events: Caregivers within CSP have access to national and local events and activities throughout the year. To learn about monthly national events, including spirituality calls with PSM and monthly education calls through the VA Caregiver Support Line, visit CSP’s Events webpage.

3.    I will practice self-care using CSP’s and VA’s Whole Health free online tools: Each day you support the health and wellbeing of our nations’ Veterans. CSP’s self-care materials can help you become more aware of the stress you face. In addition, check out the self-care tools from VA’s Whole Health Library, including tips for recharging, personal development, and healthy relationships.

4.    I will learn more about the Campaign for Inclusive Care: VA and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation have partnered together for the Campaign for Inclusive Care, a national initiative to integrate caregivers into their Veteran’s healthcare team. As a caregiver, you know your Veteran best and are critical in obtaining the best patient outcomes. Learn more about Inclusive Care here

Here at CSP, we have a few pledges of our own:

1.    We pledge to keep you informed: Our team is committed to helping caregivers take full advantage of the services and resources that CSP and VA have to offer. We will continue to enhance how we share information with you and your Veteran.

2.    We pledge to continue to grow our great team: It’s our mission to enhance our connections with you and to do so thoughtfully, with proper staffing. Stay tuned for our upcoming staffing updates.

CSP is here to support you every step of the way. As we enter this new year, we want to say thank you for continuing the important work you do and for doing so with strength, courage, and dedication. I hope your New Year unfolds with some degree of calm and harmony for you and your Veteran.

Wishing you a cheerful New Year,

Colleen M. Richardson, Psy.D.


Need help?
Visit www.caregiver.va.gov or connect with the Caregiver Support Program team at
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